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Spring Car Tips for Indiana

Getting your vehicle ready for spring weather is an important part of routine maintenance that can help keep your car running smoothly and safely. The Spring weather in Indiana is known to bring storms, floods, and potholes that can damage your vehicle. Here are some ways to prepare your vehicle for spring:

  • Check the tires: Winter weather can be hard on tires, so it's important to check them for signs of wear and tear, including tread depth, tire pressure, and sidewall damage. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth to ensure good traction on wet roads. 
  • Change your oil/ fluids : Spring is a good time to get an oil change and replace your vehicle's oil filter. Fresh oil can help ensure that your engine is running smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Check the brakes: Winter driving can be hard on brakes, so it's important to check the brake system for wear and tear. Have your brakes checked by a professional and replace any worn or damaged parts as needed.
  • Replace wiper blades: Winter weather can be tough on wiper blades, so it's a good idea to replace them in the spring to ensure clear visibility during rain showers or April thunderstorms. 
  • Clean the exterior: Winter weather can leave your vehicle looking dirty and dull. In the Spring, your vehicle can easily gain a buildup of pollen and mud. Give your car a good wash and wax at your local car wash to protect the paint and keep it looking shiny.
  • Check the air conditioning:Often times when a vehicle's air conditioning system is malfunctioning, the driver doesn't notice until it is 90 degrees and they need it! As warm weather approaches, you'll want to make sure your vehicle's air conditioning system is working properly. Have it inspected during your Spring oil change and replace any worn or damaged parts as needed.
  • Get an alignment: Potholes can cause punctured tires, bent wheels, and even cause major alignment issues! If you have been a victim of Indiana's potholes, it is important to get an alignment to keep your car driving safely; especially if your vehicle is pulling to one side.
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  • Use covered parking whenever possible: Indiana's weather is known to be unpredictable and the Spring months can be even crazier with sever storms and extreme weather. Clearing space in your garage or installing a carport so you can park inside may just save you from hail damage like dents, paint chips, and busted windows. Tornadoes and extreme winds can throw debris that could also damage your vehicle's body.
Following these tips you can help ensure that your vehicle is ready for spring weather and running smoothly and safely for the months ahead.