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More About Our Autotrak Program

Hubler’s AutoTrak auto credit program makes it easy for you to get into a car today, and helps you improve your credit score over time while you are driving a late model, in-warranty new or used car! Getting you auto credit approval and helping restore your credit is what AutoTrak is all about. Hubler and the AutoTrak program have helped thousands of customers get approved auto financing on a nicer, newer car or truck than they thought possible. Contact Hubler’s Special Finance team to learn more about AutoTrak and if it is right for you.

AutoTrak is a shorter term credit program. It reports to all three credit bureaus every week, which builds your credit score much quicker, and it gives you a reliable vehicle to drive today. Credit approval is not based on your credit score. Here's how it works: 

  1. Come into Hubler’s used car department and find the right used car or truck for you. We will fully explain the AutoTrak program and answer all your questions.

  2. Once you're auto credit approved and pick out your vehicle, you'll make payments on it for an agreed time period. The term is generally a shorter amount of time than a typical auto loan.

  3. AutoTrak will report to the credit bureaus and agencies that you are making your payments to help increase your credit score faster.

  4. After you've made these payments over the time period of your agreement, you will have three options, explained below. 

Option one lets you purchase the vehicle outright for a small lump sum. Option two lets you continue making the same payments to pay it off over an additional time period. Option three lets you turn the car in, look at Hubler’s current new and used car and trucks for sale, and get into a newer and nicer vehicle. A majority of our customer choose this option because they are able to improve their credit score enough to trade up in just two  years!

Benefits of auto credit with AutoTrak:

  • The ability to drive a current model, low mileage, reliable car or truck
  • New and used car or truck leasing
  • Leasing for 24, 36, and 48 month terms with affordable weekly payments
  • Reduce the possibility of you owing too much on your trade
  • Each car or truck has a warranty throughout the lease terms 
  • No minimum credit score requirement
  • Program is a credit score builder to improve your credit score
  • Option to choose between using a down payment or a trade-in
  • Bankruptcies are no problem

Get on the right track with AutoTrak!  When you are looking for auto credit approval in Indianapolis or auto loan credit score requirements in Indianapolis and around central Indiana, the Hubler Automotive Group is the new and used car dealership Indiana that is on your side and will work hard to get you approved auto loan credit. We have great cars for sale and great financing options in addition to buy here, pay here and high interest rate auto loans.

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