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The Hubler Automotive Group Social Media Policy

The Hubler Automotive Group's social media pages (defined as any official Hubler Automotive Group page allowing user generated content) provide a medium for us to share our passion for the automotive industry, and our culture and heritage. We hope they will also serve as a space for respectful dialogue between authorized members of the Hubler Automotive Group, employees, current and prospective customers, and community members (also called users).

Our aim is to offer official destinations for engaging content about our brands, including Acura, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, and Nissan, and our community. However, due to the sensitive nature of our industry, we may not respond to certain questions or comment on particular topics, as our pages are not intended to offer consultation or advice. Our social media pages are not the proper avenue to discuss legal matters or regulatory issues. The content on these sites does not reflect the views of the manufacturers and should not be viewed as official communication from them. For official advice, news, and information, please see the manufactures individual website.

We require that you respect these guidelines when participating in any discussion on our pages. Each page is thoroughly monitored and moderated with the intent of protecting free speech while at the same time protecting the standards of our community and the rights of each individual. Any communication deemed not inline with these guidelines is subject to removal or rejection. All users are subject to these guidelines whether or not they are aware of them.


Be Respectful: Though opinions may differ, they are simply opinions, and should be treated as such. We promote freedom of speech, but ask that you review these guidelines and consider the consequences of your words before posting to any of our pages. While spirited discussion and lively engagement are encouraged, understand that we expect comments to uphold the standards of our community and that users will refrain from posting harmful content regarding the Hubler Automotive Group and our fans, followers, and other community members.

No Spam: Comments and posts should be relevant to current topics. Moderators will remove posts that veer too far from the topic at hand, or content deemed spam advertisements. We are happy to resolve complaints and concerns regarding your vehicle or service experience. Please contact John Haines, Advertising Director, jhaines@drivehubler.com, or (317) 859-7791, or use the directory at bit.ly to contact your dealership directly.

Do Not Be Offensive: The Hubler Automotive Group will immediately remove any post that is or could be construed as offensive. This includes posts that discuss or refer to race, sexuality, or gender, or are vulgar, obscene, threatening, intimidating, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, harmful, objectionable or otherwise illegal. We will tolerate NO profanity. The Hubler Automotive Group is the sole arbiter of its community's standards. Please notify the Community Manager immediately if you feel one of our pages contains inappropriate content.

Removal of Content: We promote freedom of speech and are proud to facilitate open and honest discussion on our social media pages. The Hubler Automotive Group reserves the right to remove any content that violates intellectual property rights, violates the personal freedom of any individual, or is deemed otherwise inappropriate for our community as discussed above.

Sharing: We welcome your engagement with our social media pages, and may utilize the functionality of individual outlets to share your content with our wider community via the sharing tools available including sponsored promotion. Please review the sharing guidelines of each media outlet.

The Hubler Commitment

The Hubler Automotive Group appreciates your participation on our pages, and is committed to being as active as possible on each and every one of our sites. We are devoted to providing engaging content, accurate information, and to fostering a strong sense of community not only online, but in our actual communities as well. Every effort is made to respond to each and every comment and question within a reasonable timeframe, up to twelve hours during the week, and forty-eight hours over the weekend. We are grateful for your interest in the Hubler family, and for engaging with and sharing our content. We welcome your comments and suggestions about our efforts, and hope that you'll share new ways we can become a part of our local communities.

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Advertising Director


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